The World Anti-Doping Code


June 2010

AMENDEMENT  1 – ADAPTIONS FOR DPV (Deutscher Polo Verband e.V.)

DPV Deutscher Polo Verband e.V.
Adaption Februar 2014

As mentioned in Article 14 National Associations Incorporation of FIP Rules, Reporting and Recognition DPV Deutscher Polo Verband e.V. accepts and recognizes FIP Anti-Doping Rules as their own by reference.

Therefore the following changes and adaptions have to be made.

In all cases where FIP is the only authority (i.e. article 4.2.1 sentence 2) DPV will be instead of FIP the ruling authority in the whole Anti-Doping Code from Article 1 to Article 19.


Article 13
All disputes, appeals and claims under this Anti-Doping Code or it´s validity will be finally judged under the court of arbitration of Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit e.V. (DIS) ( with the exemption of any civilian legal courses.


Article 16
Equine Anti-Doping rules has to be treated the same way as Human Anti-Doping Rules especially

Article   1      Definition of Doping
Article   2      Anti-Doping Rule Violation
Article   3      Sanctions on individuals
Article 11      Consequences to Teams
Article 13      Appeals
Article 17      Statutes of Limitations


The “Prohibited List” for equine Doping (Article 4) is adopted from FN (Deutsche Reiterliche Vereinigung e.V.). This Prohibited List is the only one which is adapted, accepted and applies.

The procedure of introduction and revision of FN Prohibited List is the same like WADA. The current FN Prohibited List can always be found on the FN website at .


Deutscher Polo Verband e.V.
Stand 22.02.2014