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Dear Players,
the season has reaches the peak and many tournaments have been successfully organized.
With this letter we would like to remind you of the animal welfare and related subjects.
According to playing rule 4 d all vaccinations (against Equine Influenza) must be documented in the horse passport! Any
irregularities in the vaccination records could result in the exclusion of the horses.
Furthermore at all DPV, Club tournaments and matches with DPV Anti Doping rules edition February 2008. DPV Anti
Doping rules for horses are the adoption and acceptance of FN-doping regulations. For players DPV adopts and accepts FIP Anti Doping code based on World Anti-Doping Agency WADA (source:
An extract of the prohibited substances and waiting periods for the horses is attached in the annex (source:FN and
At the German Championships passport and doping controls are performed by the tournament veterinarian and
authorized person. At all other tournaments unannounced control samples and passport inspections may be arranged by the tournament organizing club.
In an urgent suspected case a veterinary check is unquestionable.
Each player has the possibility and the right before and during the tournaments to hand in a medication declaration signed and filled out by a licensed veterinarian if a medication of her or his horse was necessary before or during the
The medication declaration is the only way to exempt penalties in the case of a positive doping test result. We also want
to point out that doping is not only against DPV rules but also violates German animal welfare LAW (Tierschutzgesetz).
We wish all players fair and good games and especially good weather.

Kind regards
Deutscher Poloverband e.V.: / 24.07.2013
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